Quality Control

At Ridgewood Powder Coating, our goal is to consistently provide a very high level of customer service.

We pride ourselves on being the fastest, most reliable, quality powder coaters on the Sunshine Coast.

We find that our customers come from many different industries and thus we get asked to coat a significant variety of items with very different quality standards.

To ensure we fully understand the coating needs, we ask our clients an array of questions (as described in our product specification sheet), such we may understand their requirements. This enables us to establish the appropriate quality standards for their work.

However, we must also advise our potential clients, that due to the unknown electrostatic properties and possible contaminant contact of components, we do not guarantee the quality of our powder coating over substandard materials. We classify materials that are previously coated, anodised, oxidised or not clean (as specified by Australian Standard AS3715), as substandard.