One of the key successes, for the technology of powder coating, is the ease of its application to the substrate being coated. With air assisted electrostatic spray guns and good earthing excellent attraction of the powder to the workpiece can be achieved.

This ease of coating can, however, also be an inherent problem when areas of the workpiece, such as screw threads and other moving parts are not to be coated. In such circumstances, masking is required to protect areas from change, or to hide the area so that the powder stream is focused or deflected onto other areas.

Masking materials increase the coater’s dexterity and choice of applicator to control where powder paint is laid. Examples include the use of a stencil or masking tape to protect areas which are not to be coated.

At Ridgewood Powder Coating, we carefully discuss your coating requirements and how we might achieve them using an array of masking or deflector techniques