Achieving an aesthetically pleasing, successful outcome for your product is not simply down to good quality powder coating. Effective packing and careful and timely transportation also play a significant part in the end result.

At Ridgewood Powder Coating, we carefully wrap or pack our work, such that it can be easy picked up and transported by our clients.

However, it is also important to remember your own protective packaging when picking up your work from the factory. We do not have spare packing blankets or unwanted bubble wrap. Clearly, we will do what we can to help, but using our old cardboard powder boxes is not the ideal packaging material to protect your work. These powder lined boxes are somewhat abrasive and the coloured powders can stain your work.

As an alternative, Ridgewood Powder Coating also provides both a pick up and / or delivery service for your items to be coated. Why not give us a call and ask about our delivery price.