Product Specification

Getting it right

We find our customers come from many different industries. Some of our customers are manufacturers, others are fabricators or builders. We also have individuals who drop in with many unusual requests.

The point we are trying to make is that we get asked to coat a large variety of items and in many cases the product requirements are significantly different.

To ensure we fully understand your coating needs, we suggest you run through the following charts to establish you required specifications.

General information about the product(s) to be coated

How and where is the product(s) to be used ?

  1. Is the product newly fabricated or will this be a re-coat ?
  2. Will this be an aesthetic or performance coating ?
  3. What is the substrates composition ? (e.g. aluminium, steel, galvanized steel etc)
  4. What is the fabrication method ? (e.g. welded, riveted etc)
  5. Is the substrate porous ? (e.g. galvanized, terracotta etc)
  6. What method has been used to identify the product ? (e.g. texter, external tag)
  7. What are the significant surfaces to be coated ? (e.g. all surfaces, only the outside etc)
  8. What are the dimensions of the product(s) in millimeters (mm) ?
  9. What is the mass (weight) of the product(s) in kilograms (Kg) ?
  10. What is the quantity of products to be coated ?
  11. Are there any other product issues we need to be aware of ?(e.g. substrate is heavily rusted, silicone cutting oils or sealants have been used on the product)

Performance requirements for the coated product(s)

  1. What level of weathering performance do you require ? (e.g. Indoor use, general exterior use – 3/5 years, architectural use – 7 years, high performance – 15 years, ultra performance – 15 years plus).
  2. What level of colour fastness do you require ? (e.g. Indoor use, general exterior use – 5 years, architectural performance – 7 years plus).
  3. Do you require salt spray resistance ? (e.g. product will be located within 500 metres of the beachfront or used within 5 metres of a salt pool).
  4. Do you require humidity resistance (e.g. the product will have exterior use or will be used in an indoor pool environment).
  5. Do you require a flexible coating ? To what radius ? (e.g. the product will require bending after coating).
  6. Do you require a high level of abrasion resistance ?
    (e.g. product will be used in a high traffic area – such as a handrail, or will be located within 100 mtrs of the beachfront).
  7. Do you require chemical resistance ? (e.g. solvents, petrol, brake fluid ).
  8. Do you require heat or fire resistance ? ( e.g. barbeque unit or heat deflector ).
  9. Does the coating have to comply to any standards (e.g. AS1530 – fire resistance).
  10. Does the product require transit wrapping ?

Performance requirements for the coated product(s)

  1. What is the coating colour you require ? (e.g. Black, Dulux 32694, RAL9005, BS00E55)
  2. What is the surface finish you require ? (e.g. Smooth, Leatherette, Texture, Hammer)
  3. What is the gloss level you require ? (e.g. Gloss, Satin, Matt)
  4. Which surfaces require the highest aesthetic appearance (e.g. top face, front face)

After treatment for the coated product(s)

  1. Will the product require after treatment ? (e.g. The product will require screen printing ?)